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2 min readDec 20, 2022

As humanity approaches its “finale”, the amount of propaganda of death and the end of the world in popular culture is also growing. This is due to not only the thirst for thrills of the vast masses of the Earth’s population, but also the physical possibility of a person realizing his near future.

Apocalypse is the most likely outcome of our existence, the approach of which we feel and, succumbing to fear, make it more real.

Absolutely all internal and external military conflicts begin with provocations and propaganda, the task of which is to launch the “conveyor of death” and attract a huge amount of private capital to confront the holders of large physical capital.

Holders of large capitals are absolutely indifferent to the colossal amount of human sacrifices that will be placed on the “altar of victory.” The huge military business, the “atmosphere of hatred” and patriotism are the traps into which the mercantile minority lures the gullible majority. Subsequently, the launched “conveyors of death” take the form of “black holes”, from which none of the participants is destined to get out on their own.

Can the majority influence the course of events?

Any conflicts escalate with the tacit consent of the majority, and the majority is the main sponsor of the war. To avoid the Third World War, the collective consciousness must shift to a different direction — for all mankind and creation.

What should be done to avoid the apocalypse:

Every inhabitant of the Earth should begin to ignore military and near-war propaganda, not to react to provocations.

It is necessary to support public anti-war protests and any humanistic ideas. The “Divide and Rule” policy should remain in the past…

Embarked on the path of creation, humanity will be able to discover amazing things that will help solve all the pressing problems.



Millenium voice

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