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3 min readDec 19, 2022

Super-exploiters are a privileged class of society that is based on the struggle for power and control of the most important spheres of human life, both within one state and beyond its borders. The interests of neo-feudal groups always lie exclusively in the areas of obtaining, accumulating and distributing large physical capital: alternative energy and mining, metallurgy, food production, military-industrial complexes, religious structures, charitable foundations, education and medicine, pharmaceuticals, radio and telecommunications, financial speculation, banking, gambling, tobacco and alcohol industries, as well as any illegal business activity.

Unfortunately, in the era of consumption, under the capitalist system, and as a result of the concentration of real power in the hands of neo-feudal groups, the spread of humanistic ideas seems impossible. Compliance with the new economic ethics is the main aspiration of the neo-feudal system, which to everyone on Earth dictates the expansion of the consumer market at any cost, which makes it impossible to solve really important and common problems for all mankind, such as: environmental and economic crises, inefficient distribution of resources, lack of social justice, low accessibility to vital goods and services in regions of the planet “lagging behind” the modernization.

Today, in connection with the endless “competitive” struggle of neo-feudal groups from different countries for their personal economic growth, only the most “stable” centralized economies of the world can get the integral and comprehensive development. Sooner or later, the excessive depletion of some economies to please others will lead to the robotization of “progressive” countries and the exploitation of the ones “lagging behind”, as well as to the extinction of a huge number of linguistic cultures that determine our common civilizational development.

The dominance of the idea of “increasing profits for the sake of increasing profits” significantly “depletes” the markets and makes them inaccessible to the “unelected”. Excessive monopolization of the global market leads to the victory of imperialist ideas among the most “strong” players in the market and to their further exploitation of the less secure and weakly protected from economic expansion nations. Moreover, the rapidly growing level of consumption, which has no real justified social need, creates the need for a constant struggle by market players for the old and new sales markets. That, in turn, strengthens the historical hostility of all to all, which will not go anywhere by itself.

As a result of the encouragement of resource and economic wars by the overwhelming population of the Earth, we are all moving with an accelerated speed towards a significant reduction in the population of the planet, both artificially and by force. Any modern threat of nuclear weapons, as well as the use of biological weapons like COVID-19, is quite capable of leading us to a complete self-destruction.

Unfortunately, no modern market models or ideas alone will be able to change our bleak future until the physical, social and human capitals stop working on enriching the neo-federal strata and against the unification of peoples. Any attempts to publicly discuss the tasks of preserving the environment and national identity are not capable of fundamentally changing the situation and most often represent ordinary attempts to rewrite market conditions in favor of the rich, thereby promoting their goods and services.

Only a large-scale social revolution and an increase in global consciousness can solve this significant part of the world’s problems and lead humanity down the path of balance and prosperity. And as long as we all mindlessly continue to play by the cold-blooded rules of “modern” market relations, we vote for judgment day.



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