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2 min readDec 20, 2022

The New World Order is not a conspiracy theory, but an objective and inevitable reality, which is caused by the need to distribute global economic flows, important scarce natural resources, and human capital in the name of prosperity, strengthening and spreading the power of superexploiters.

The “N.W.O.” plan does not imply the creation of a super-state, super-religion or super-economy, it means complete “autonomy” of the largest economic zones of the planet and constant competition between them, which can stimulate scientific and technological progress within them. Non-industrial areas of the planet are considered as “younger brothers”, resort and tourist areas, testing grounds and platforms for natural selection. There is always a leader country inside autonomous strong economic zones. The United States, China, Russia, India, Brazil and a group of EU countries can be considered as potential superpowers of the present and the future.

Methods for implementing the plan to enslave the weak and strong economies of the world:

1. Replacement of local cultures with the culture of consumption, promotion of mercantile systems and concepts in the environment of social and labor relations, change of language culture.

2. Economic support of “loyal” communities, social groups and entire countries as an example of friendliness from the “older brother ‘s” side and opportunities to “partnership” relations.

3. Economic and military support for radical groups and separatist movements with the aim of eliminating the sovereignty of “non-loyal” states.

4. Credit slavery, imposition of sanctions, loyalty to corruption for the sake of reducing economic growth and creating unfavorable living conditions.

5. Creating panic in the domestic market by means of information warfare.

Specific goals of the New World Order:

1. Control of global population growth.

2. Control and distribution of world resources.

3. Control over private property.

4. Control over money production and the global economy as a whole.

5. Ensuring a high standard of living and development of “elected” economies.

The real future implications of New World Order:

1. Strengthening the power of corporations and the constant resource war.

2. Reducing the availability of advanced technologies among the “unelected”.

3. Existential crisis of the populations of the second and third world countries.



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