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3 min readDec 19, 2022

As inanimate objects can create stable and unstable connections among themselves, same way the people can create strong (and weak) “mental” connections with other intelligent beings, using not only speech, but also signal “amplifiers” — digital signals, sounds, printed words or images. With their help we are prone to endless distortion of the ideas of both individuals and all mankind about the surrounding world and its events, which may be incorrect within our universe, but may be true within a parallel universe or may be independent of the conventional boundaries of the universes.

Any signal is a wave motion of energy. Any signal source is a device for converting already available energy information from one state to another. Any receiver is a final point where the energy information is converted into the next, original, or “improved” state. At the same time, the quantitative advantage of receivers over sources does not create new energy from nothing, but launches more “thermonuclear reactions” that condense already existing energy and the next larger transformation process.

Let’s imagine that an operating system is pre-installed inside your brain. That allows you to recognize and decode energy signals on the fly, making it possible for you to read them without additional external manipulations. If the information reaches you without intermediate edits, then you primary data. If for some reason someone makes any changes, then you risk getting a heavily distorted / harmful data. However, in this case, the right to study the received energy information in detail remains with you — the right to choose.

Now let’s imagine that you do not have the ability to read certain signals, but your brain, which is the most complex receiver in the universe, continues to receive and process them imperceptibly. Of course, if you have a doctoral degree, your subconscious mind is able to cope with a large amount of frankly false information that does not fit into the framework of a scientifically based picture of the world, it’s able to question the information and resist to its harmful effects. But unfortunately, it absolutely does not work against unaltered information and collective consciousness which have a much greater impact on you than you can imagine. Therefore, over time, any person who is sufficiently socialized, but at the same time is in a state of collective information isolation, becomes defenseless against information distortions, loses faith in the struggle, and becomes a source of propaganda themselves.

A special place in propaganda is occupied by non-verbal means of communication, repetition of unremarkable phrases and individual words: mentions of the names of places, events, persons in the right context.

A static image (frame 25) is the least effective in terms of “hidden” propaganda and therefore is not widely used. When it is used, it ceases to be a part of the “hidden” impact, as it is easy to study. The most dangerous means of propaganda are dynamic images and sound sequences from “trusted” sources containing elements of covert propaganda. A large amount of covert propaganda can lead to emotional exhaustion, overstrain of the brain’s neural networks and, as a result, reduce a person’s ability to think analytically.

Information warfare is a modern need of people in the fight against digital distortions of information. Unfortunately, the winner is the one who knows better than others how to conduct it and has control over the mass means of signal reproduction.

Unfortunately, any party fighting for mass consciousness is doomed to endless distortion of information for its own selfish purposes. The very existence of many independent forms of knowledge for the broad masses becomes doubtful.

The need of the minority for constant distortion of information and global censorship will certainly lead to the substitution of the fundamental tasks of humanity (knowledge and creation), to the absence of a real choice, to the absolute power of the minority over the majority, it will dehumanize of all mankind and doom a significant part of it to its death.

The flag is not important if the foundation is cracked.



Millenium voice

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