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2 min readDec 20, 2022

All those experts who rely on the technological and technical superiority of the Ukrainian army, as well as the moral and economic exhaustion of Russia, internal protests and discord between representatives of power structures, are making a huge mistake.

The power in the Russian Federation does not belong to the majority, and therefore any internal protests that imply further change of the country’s leadership and capitulation are impossible and useless until the end of the hostilities.

We can curse and hate Vladimir Putin as much as we like for the results of his rule, however, in the realities of war, the struggle for social justice fades into the background, and any confrontation with internal political forces at the moment is regarded by the whole society as a betrayal.

Moreover, the huge financial support of Ukraine, the equipping of the Ukrainian army with modern Western weapons, the strengthening of military units by mercenaries from Poland, Georgia, Canada and military specialists from the UK and the USA are gradually shifting the attitude towards the conflict among the Russian population from a state of “incomprehensible fratricidal war” to confrontation with Western aggression.

And that’s why any aggravation of the situation on the Crimean peninsula and along the Russian borders can only lead to the strengthening of the groups of Russian troops and, therefore to a greater number of senseless victims of both “warring” sides.

In addition, the current military conflict has every chance to go beyond the direct physical confrontation of only two states. Do not neglect the possible open military intervention from both Belarus and China, as well as from the United States and EU countries, whose armies are already in a state of combat readiness.

The military springboard, unfortunately, only works in one direction.



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